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Medical Beauty Spa in Milford, Massachusetts

Since opening in Paris 1998 Royal Aesthetic Center has performed many tens of thousand of treatments and built up clientele of over 4,000 patients. With that experience comes the expertise of knowing how to properly and safely use all the FDA approved services and technologies at our facility.

Royal Aesthetic Center About Us

“An Oasis of Tranquility”

Experience the most premier massages, body treatments, and rejuvenating and relaxing facials Boston has to offer. We have designed an exclusive spa experience unlike any other. Treat yourself to any of our individualized treatments or indulge in one of our luxurious packages.

Today, we decide at a very young age to do all we can to maintain healthy lifestyles and avoid physical and emotional toxicities. Our clients are women of every age. They are fully engaged in professional and creative lives, family lives and social schedules.  Because of this forward-looking mindset, feeling and looking beautifully young as we age has become not only attainable but fun! Our clients expect us to help them accomplish their attainable healthy youthful glowing result.

A Message From Our Founder…

Highly acclaimed beauty technician Anabela Rodrigues Piedra

“Welcome to Royal Aesthetic Center. Our goals are to provide the finest medical beauty treatments available anywhere in the United States with staff of professionals & practitioners dedicated to outstanding results, patient safety and patient care. We specialize in “Natural Look” treatments to keep you looking your absolute best and have your friends saying WOW, you look incredible while asking what you’re doing.”

Anabela Piedra Rodrigues
Viriyan Men RN image.

Meet Viriyan Men RN – Your Botox Specialist

Viriyan Men RN has been a dedicated nurse since 2009. She holds a B.S. with honors in Business Administration from the University of RI and an Associate in Nursing from the Community College of RI. Viriyan is certified in IV infusion and Neurotoxin injectables. She has a variety of work experiences ranging from adult care facilities, home health, pediatric nursing and now aesthetic nursing. She currently works at the Providence School Department and has been there for well over 11 years. Viriyan is a caring and meticulous nurse whose passion is in health and beauty.

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