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*Fillers without needle

*Eyelid lift without surgery 

Face anti-aging / eyelid lift without surgery

Phobia of surgery, phobia of anesthesia, fear of scarring, but want to rejuvenate, your eyelid show your age, and your eyes your soul, so rejuvenate your eyes without surgery…

Royal Aesthetic Center a Medical Spa In Milford Massachusetts

The eyelid lift offers an alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic procedures, reducing recovery time and any complications that can raise before and after surgery. it is an innovative development in aesthetics procedure and rejuvenating treatment, by utilizing the fourth state of matter: Plasma.

the system is very precise and doesn’t spread heat to surrounding areas, meaning it is perfect to operate on areas (such as eyelids). Visit our medical spa in Milford or contact us to book a session.

price between: $800 to $1,000


Face anti-aging / Fillers without needle

Phobia of the needle, fear of pain, problem of hematoma, forget all this, with the no needle anti-aging process to take advantage of the hyaluronic without social life eviction.

the filling technique hyaluronic acid makes it possible to project the filler product inside the thickness of the skin, thanks to a quality of air under pressure, a volume strictly equal to the volume of product injected, and obviously without needle…

price between: $280 to $840

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