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Fall Time Promotion Packages

Available At Royal Aesthetic Center In Milford Massachusetts 

Royal Aesthetic Center a Medical Spa In Milford Massachusetts

Take advantage of these amazing offers available at our Milford Massachusetts location.

Contact us today to secure these deals before they are gone forever!

15% Off Select Facials

Hydrafacial Peel Facial



Experience the latest advancements in facial technology with our best facial treatments. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, treat sun damage, treat dark spots, cleanse pores, and treat acne.



  • 8 Treatments of Small Area: $102 (lip, chin, side of face, u-brow, feet, neck)
  • 8 Treatments of Medium Area: $299 (underarms, full bikini, full face, lip & chin, half arms, full beard)
  • 8 Treatments of Large Area: $424 (full arms, abdomen, full Brazilian, buttocks, 1/2 chest, 1/2 back, 1/2 legs)
  • 8 Treatments of Extra-Large Area: $599 (full back, full chest, ext-brazilian & full legs)
  • 8 Treatments of Women’s Full Body: $1599 (full face, underarms, full arms, ext-Brazilian & full legs)
  • 8 Treatments of Men’s Full Body: $1599 (full beard, neck, full chest, full back, shoulders & upper arms)
Laser Hair Removal services


Discover the easy way to get rid of fat deposits. Royal Aesthetic Center in Milford offers a new technique based on fat freezing. It’s a safe, comfortable procedure that you’re sure to love.

1 Treatment (Area) $249.00
2 Treatment (Areas) $449.00
4 Treatment (Areas) $649.00
6 Treatment (Areas) $899.00
8 Treatment (Areas) $999.00

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