Filler Without Needle (Anti-aging)

Available At Royal Aesthetic Center In Milford Massachusetts 

Fillers (injectables) are suitable for naturally filling up the superficial and deeper wrinkles in the skin, enlarging or strengthening the lips, restoring or adding volume under the eyes, and improving the facial contours.  The safest and most reliable modern fillers are hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the body.

How does a hyaluronic acid filler work?

Hyaluronic Acid is an endogenous substance that is naturally broken down in one or two days. So the body continuously produces new hyaluronic acid.  As we age, this process slows down, which causes the skin to be less hydrated and the volume to decrease.  This means the skin becomes weaker and wrinkles may occur.

A woman who received filler on her lips
Filler before and after results

The French hyaluronic acid filler

The hyaluronic acid is put inside an injection , the product is under pressure.  You just have to choose the quantity of product you need, and without needle.  The product will be through away across the skin to stay inside the depth of it.  Look younger without needle with hyaluronic acid in        

Hyaluronic Acid Filler                        Treatment Areas

Think to be younger                                                 *Marionnette Lines

With a new french way fillers                                   *Nasolabial Lines

No Needle No Pain                                                    *Glabellar Lines

No Hematoma No Recover                                        *Soften Vertical Lip Lines

Enhance & Define Lips                                             *Enhance & Define Lips

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